The Personal Disquiet of

Mark Boulton

I’m a typographic designer living in south Wales.

Mark is the founder of a small design studio called Mark Boulton Design; the co-founder of publisher Five Simple Steps; member of the International Society of Typographic Designers; author of Designing for the Web and Web Standards Creativity; Britpack alumni and co-creator of Gridset, a tool for making responsive grid systems.

Mark runs Mark Boulton Design with a small, exceptional team of designers and researchers. MBD works with global media companies such as ESPN and Al Jazeera; small brands with big stories like Huit Denim; technology organisations such as Drupal and Alfresco; oh, and a small place in Switzerland that invented the web and discovered the Higgs Boson.

Together with his wife, Emma, Mark co-founded community publisher Five Simple Steps in 2009. Initially an exercise in self-publishing for Mark’s book Designing for the Web, Five Simple Steps quickly grew into an important voice in the web industry. Publishing influential titles such as Andy Clarke’sHardboiled Web Design”, and Jon Hick’s “Icon Handbook”, Five Simple Steps has recently teamed up with Typekit and Gridset to bring you the latest collection of small Pocket Guides.

Mark can be found speaking at conferences all over the place on topics such as design, typography and responsive design. He’s spoken at South by South West, An Event Apart, Do Lectures, Web Directions South, Future of Web Design. Maybe you’d like Mark to speak at your conference?

Mark was previously lead designer at the BBC in Wales following several years working in agencies in London, Sydney and Manchester, UK. Designing websites and applications with clients such as British Airways, T-Mobile, Toyota, Vodafone and Commonwealth Bank.

Photo credit: Littlemad