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A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: You Should Self-Publish

For me, the choice to self-publish was never financial motivated; it was about control (primarily of the design of the finished article), but this post from Joe Konrath (a thriller author) goes into great detail on the numbers.

Let’s say publishers wise up and begin selling ebooks for $2.99. That would mean authors only get 52 cents from each sale, or 1/4 of what they could make on their own. That’s $6k a year in royalties, rather than $24k. If that went on for ten years, an author who signed with a publisher would make $60,000. An author who self-pubbed and sold the same amount of ebooks would make $240,000.

Numbers aside, this pretty much encapsulates a changing industry. An industry that is well and truly on the back foot:

If I look at the poor royalty rates publishers offer, the changing, volatile marketplace, the long time to publication, and then add in the multitude of mistakes publishers continue to make (like high ebook prices), I’d be hard pressed to think of ANY reason to sign a book deal.

So, self publish now. Or approach some publishers who’s doing <a href=”http://books.alistapart.com%3Ethings%3C/a%3E%20%3Ca%20href=”http://www.rosenfeldmedia.com”>differently.

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A New Canon

In January, I’ll have the delightful opportunity to speak at the New Adventures conference in Nottingham on a subject that is very dear to my heart: book design. In a round about way. I’ll be talking about connectedness, craft, objects, space and a little bit about monks. Here’s the topic description from the site:

In the real world, responsive design is nothing new. Products adapt to our needs. Technology monitors local environments to adjust lighting, temperature and even physical spaces. But what about web? In designing with words, the desire to bind content to a device has been around as long as there have been books. Mark will take you from desire to implementation, from theory to practice. How can we build upon what we know from literally hundreds of years of responsive design practice to define a new era of online publishing? An era where we strive for the same level of human / technology connection that started with the monks.

I can’t wait to give this talk. Everything is changing at the moment. It’s an incredible time to be a designer on the web with a deep interest in publishing. The conference is sold out (has been for months), but I’m sure the content will be out there in the wonderful interweb shortly after the event. Once it is, I’ll link it up.

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From Louis Rosenfeld: UX and Publishing

A slidedeck and interesting description of a recent unconference Louis attended, presenting on Publishing and UX.

It made clear to me the parallels between UX—which, for me, is about designing products and services that engage users, and publishing—which I think is about designing content that engages readers.

Parallels that I’ve seen emerge in the relatively short time i’ve been involved in both practices.

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